Mainan HULK Fin Fang Foom Series

Harga : Rp.275.000,- / SOLD -------
Tinggi : 20Cm
Material : PVC

Last survivor of a wasted world, the HULK wanders. He is plagued by memories, and by the constant presence of puny Banner, locked within. His only companions on an Earth destroyed by human arrogance are the mutant cockroaches that feed on his indestructible body. As he rages across the face of his empty world, he can feel the aged Banner inside, growing weaker and weaker, but the Hulk isn't ready to give up. Even as Banner's strength fails and the man within passes on, the HULK persists, for with Banner gone he is finally, truly alone. 

Sumber gambar dan isi : Marvellegends

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